BSGSEC 2020 

Club night calender:

January 2nd                         Robin Lock – Recovery of a steam engine from

                                                                      Loch Ness

January 5th                          Club Crank Up

February 6th                        A.G.M. Plus film night if time permitting

March 5th                             Paul Barnett - The Severn Bridge Disaster

April 2nd                              Gordon Young -Clifton Suspension Bridge - Cancelled

April 26th                             Club trip to Fort Nelson - Cancelled

May 7th                                Mike Rowland - It's a Fair Cop - Cancelled

June 4th                               Mike Roberts - Portishead RNLI - Cancelled

July 2nd                               Tim Hooper - 40 years a film extra - Cancelled

August 6th                           Peter Lamb - Electrical Appliances of Bygone Ages

                                                                                                                      - Cancelled

September 3rd                    Committee Meeting 

September 6th                    Club Rally - Cancelled

October 1st                          Jim Wilke - Dustbin Films - Cancelled

November 5th                      The history of Bristol Zoo from the beginning.

                                                                                                                     - Cancelled

December 3th                      Christmas Shinn Dig - Cancelled

  For further information please contact Keith Whitehead on 07768 357039

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