BSGSEC 2021 

Club night calander:

    While no speakers are currently booked for our meetings for the foreseeable future we greatly hope to get things back to normal as soon as feasible. Meanwhile please keep the meeting dates in your diaries.

January 7th                        Meeting Cancelled

February 4th                      Meeting postponed

March 4th                           Meeting postponed

April 1st                              Meeting postponed

May 6th                              Meeting postponed

June 3rd                             Meeting postponed

July 1st                               Informal gathering

August 5th                          Table top bring and buy. Nothing big or heavy                                                     please

September 2nd                  Informal gathering

October 7th                        Informal gathering

November 4th                    Informal gathering

December 2nd                   Christmas Shin Dig (we hope)

  For further information please contact Keith Whitehead on 07768 357039